Transforming How Africa Learns Disruptive EdTech

Transforming How Africa Learns Disruptive EdTech

Can ed-Tech be a catalyst for high-quality education in Sub-Saharan Africa? 

About Kim: 

Kim has worked for a decade in international development for UN entities, including UNHCR and UNOCHA, and local NGOs based in the US, Rwanda, Switzerland, India, and Hong Kong. She is an experienced storyteller, passionate about equal access to education, technological innovations, and sustainable development.


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  • That technology alone is insufficient to transform education.
  • Human development and personal development is the secret ingredient.
  • Creating a new job class is required to complement the current education systems in sub-Saharan Africa to transform educational outcomes.

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Transforming how Africa learns with disruptive ed-Tech

Education is, without a doubt, one of the key focus areas to concentrate on if we want to solve economic and social inequalities in our world. It is one of the ‘hottest’ SDGs, and charities, NGOs, public sector entities as well as private individuals have spent billions of dollars in the last decades trying to fix a broken system.

Solutions for a better future:

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